DPSM Quick Start Guide

The following is your DPSM Quick Start Guide to the Hyundai In-Store Notification Tool (HINT) program. This guide is everything you need to know about HINT, how it works, and how your dealerships use HINT. 

How HINT Works

How to Enroll Your Dealers

  1. Enroll in HINT using the online enrollment form at https://learn.surecritic.com/hint-hma-enrollment/.

  2. Find the email that was sent to you from noreply@surecritic.com to verify your account and set up your password.

  3. To manage HINT from your mobile device, search "SureCritic for Business" in Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and click download. 

How the Dealer Uses HINT Through the SureCritic for Business Mobile App

  1. Log in to the app with your SureCritic username and password, then accept the Terms and Conditions and Push Notifications on your device. 

  2. Select the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner and click "settings."  

  3. Find your SureCritic Text Number. 

  4. Locate incoming messages under the "messages" tab in the menu. 

How the Dealer Uses HINT Through the Dashboard

  1. In the blue side menu, dealers can click on the "Messages" tab to view their HINT Messages. The Messages page will show all messages that the dealer has received. 

  2. Sentiment Definitions:
    1. Positive: the message has an appreciation of good habits and encouraging a repeated experience
    2. Neutral: the message does not have overtly negative nor positive verbiage
    3. Negative: rhetoric focused on what is inadequate or lacking 

  3. The filter defaults to notify you of any unread messages. If you would like to access pending, closed, and reported conversations, click on "All" and a dropdown of your options will populate.
  4. Message Type Definitions:
    1. Open: a message without a response
    2. Resolving: the message has been responded to but not yet resolved
    3. Closed: manually closed, auto closed after seven (7) days, customer issue resolved and responded yes
    4. Reported: spam messages (all phone numbers are open to spam texts, if you report the incident, then it's blocked for all numbers for good on the network) 
  5. Click on one of the names or phone numbers to view a conversation or to reply to a message. 

How to Navigate the DPSM Dashboard

  • The DPSM dashboard grants you access to a summary of messages for your district 
  • The default setting is a Past 6 Months view 
  • You can change the reporting time frame by clicking on the blue filter box    

  • The HINT Message Summary screen provides an overview of the total number of messages for each of your dealers compared to the National and Regional levels

  • You can export data directly from your dashboard

  • You can select a specific dealership by clicking on the dealership name

  • Clicking on a dealership will open up a view of the dealership's most recent text messages 

  • You can look at each conversation by clicking on the phone number or name to open up the text thread 


Phone: (855) 307-8706

Email: hyundai@surecritic.com

Contact our support representatives Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 4:30 pm PST.

For in-application real-time support, send a direct chat message to one of our support representatives or browse our collection of support materials in our dedicated Hyundai Resource Library. 

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