ReviewReach Quick Start Guide

Please note that ReviewReach enrollments on the service side also apply to sales and vice versa. 

The following is the Quick Start Guide for ReviewReach. This guide is everything you need to know about ReviewReach and how it works.

How to Read your Dashboard Metrics

The dashboard shows all online review source ratings. 

Go to the "Reputation" tab to see the most current views. 

To see other review sources, you can select sources by clicking on the source name. Click on any source name on the Reputation page to take you to all of the reviews associated with the source. 

Review Page

To see the flow of reviews in real-time, select "Reviews" from the left drop-down menu.  

Then click the "External" tab to get to the reviews. 

Most reviews are from Google, so you may not see other review sources populate until you scroll down the page. The most recent review appears first. 

You can click on "All" under "Sources" to filter to specific source reviews. 

Click the review to open the review details (customer name, rating, etc.). You have the ability to respond if signed into the site. 


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