Webinar Training

The following is what the live webinar training went over. It covers the customer experience for using HINT, accessing the mobile app, best practices, and contacting support.


  • Overview
  • Customer Experience
  • Access Mobile App
  • Best Practices
  • Support

Hyundai In-Store Notification Tool - Benefits

Real-Time Concern Identification
  • Identify problems faster, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Mitigate concerns ahead of social media channels and the CSI Survey
  • Elevate staff awareness and attentiveness to customer issues
  • Communicate the way your customers want to communicate

Hyundai In-Store Notification Tool - Overview

Hyundai In-Store Notification Tool - Process

Customer Experience 

Getting Started Mobile App

Getting Started

  1. Download the mobile app, "SureCritic for Business." 
  2. Available in Google Play and Apple App Store. 

  3. Your username is the same username and password you use to login to SureCritic.com. 

Setting Up

  1. If you accepted 'Push Notifications' from SureCritic on your device, you would receive notifications.
  2. You can add an SMS notification by adding your mobile phone number to your Profile (and confirming it). It is not required. 

Your SureCritic Number

  1. Find your SureCritic Text Number at the top right-hand corner of the 'Messages' screen on the dashboard or in 'Settings' in the mobile app.

Your First Message

  1. You will receive immediate notification via push notification or email. If you didn't receive an alert, then verify your notification settings by going to 'Notification Settings'>' Messages.'
  2. Red will highlight a negative issue, Green a positive one.
  3. Write a response - Send. 

Advanced Features

System Status

  1. New: A message without a response.
  2. Open: After the first response is submitted.
  3. Closed: Manually closed, auto closed after seven (7) days, or customer issue resolved and responded "Yes." 


  1. The first person who responds is initially assigned.
  2. Change assignment by selecting a user from the dropdown.
  3. The user will receive a notification of the new assignment.

History and Notes

  1. Notes are internal to only users with access to your business.
  2. View the assignment and note history in the same view. 

Credit for Fixing a Customer

  1. On issues flagged as unfavorable or neutral, you can get credit for fixing a customer problem.
  2. Select 'Resolve' to automate the resolution message.
  3. If the customer confirms that the dealer resolved the issue, the message gets marked as 'Closed Resolved.'    

Close and Spam Functions

Swipe left: 

  1. Select 'Close' to automate the resolution message. All messages will auto-close after seven (7) days.
  2. Select 'Report' to let the admins know this number is spam

*Every phone number is open to the potential for spam texts. If you report the incident, then it's blocked for all numbers for good on the network.  

Out of Office

  1. 'Edit'>'Hours' - Set up your Department Hours.
  2. 'Settings' - Turn on or off the out of office message in App Settings. 

The Desktop View

Notification Settings

  1. Push notifications get set up by default.
  2. SMS notifications now available.
  3. If you do not see SMS as an option, you have not verified your mobile number yet.

Question: I'm a manager and don't want to see all messages, just the first one. How do we set it up?  

Answer: Sign up for 'New Inbound Message Only.' This notification is a new inbound ticket request from a customer. 

Desktop View - Add and Remove Users

  1. Click 'Settings'>'Users'
  2. If you only want to restrict users, click 'Edit' and select 'Off.'

Question: Can I respond to a message from the SureCritic desktop?

Answer: Yes, you can see new messages via the 'Message' tab. 

Desktop View

Next Steps

HINT Welcome Kit

  • 1,000 Business Cards
  • 5 - 8.5x11 Ultraboard signs for the restroom with double-stick tape included
  • 15 - 5x7 laminated table tents 

Business Cards

Examples of how to use it:

  • Attach to customer invoices
  • Give to drop off customers who leave their vehicle
  • Leave a stack with managers/employees in other departments who may hear customers convey a negative experience in service 

Restroom Signage

Examples of how to use it:

  • 50% of negative texts come through the restroom placards, and this is something customers would not traditionally talk about
  • Place a placard in every restroom. They are high quality and will maintain their appearance even through cleaning cycles
  • Each placard already has the two-sided tape. All you do is peel and stick. It's that easy 

Table Tents

Examples of how to use it:

  • Place table tents in high traffic locations where customers can see them
  • Make sure they do not get grouped with a bunch of other messaging, so they don't get lost in the crowd
  • Messaging about Amenities should be placed at your coffee, water, snacks area, and in your customer lounge 

Best Practices - Getting Started


  • Download the "SureCritic for Business" Mobile App
  • Add users - appoint a helper and empower them to respond
  • Add your GM, DP, or both as users
  • Send a test message

Best Practices - Service Advisors

  • Identifying at-risk customers and resolving their concern before they leave the dealership
  • Fix the customer issue before the customer receiving a CSI survey from the factory, which can result in higher individual CSI scores

Opportunities for promoting the program include:

  • Business card usage - At write up: "If there is anything you need or you can't get a hold of me, text the manager."
  • At pick up of the vehicle: "If you aren't satisfied with your visit, text the manager."
  • Have table tents at the advisor's desk

Best Practices - Managers

  • Speed - immediate responses are most effective
  • Empower other people to respond on your behalf
  • Engage with other departments
  • It's your number; feel free to put the number in your materials
  • New opportunities - put the number in your shuttle bus and loaner cars
  • And routinely do an inventory check to make sure your point of sale material is still in the right place

SureCritic Support

Phone: (855) 307-8706

Email: hyundai@surecritic.com

Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 4:30 pm PST.

For in-application real-time support, send a direct chat message to one of our support representatives or browse our support materials' collection in our dedicated Hyundai Resource Library. 

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