New UI HCR Review Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Welcome to Hyundai Customer Reviews, your home for managing and marketing your online reputation. Please use this guide as a reference when using the program website and managing your customer feedback.

Program Details

  • Only verified customers can complete a survey and post a review to a dealer's Business Review Page (BRP)
  • Dealers have 14 days to respond to a Low Score Review before it publishes on the dealer's Business Review Page
  • Low Scores are classified as any star rating of three or below
  • Customers can share their positive (4 or 5 stars) reviews on social media sites

Log In

Please log in at, or follow the Hyundai Customer Reviews links on

If you have trouble logging in or have not received your login info, please contact Hyundai Customer Reviews Program Headquarters at 855-307-8706 or

Dealership Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard - at a glance, dealers can see how they are performing and areas where they might need to improve

Specialized gauges instantly show dealer performance and how they compare to national averages

This graph shows the number of customer feedback awaiting a dealer response and the total number of ratings

Overall review history - interactive visuals compare key dealer program metrics to National averages by month

Dashboard Color Scale

Private Vs. Public Feedback

Survey email invitations are sent to all service customers. Private survey results are not made public. At the end of each survey, the customer has the option to post their feedback to the dealer's Business Review Page (BRP) in the form of a review.

  • The Private Feedback lock icon indicates private feedback   

  • Private feedback survey as indicated in the Dealer Dashboard 

  • Public feedback is posted to the dealer's Business Review Page (BRP) 

  • After the review has been submitted, customers who leave a 4- or 5-star review can share the link to their review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Google). This is SureCritic's Social Engage feature

  • Once the customer selects one of the social media sites, it populates a window to the selected social media platform. The link to the customer's SureCritic review will automatically populate and link back to the dealer's Business Review Page  

Responding to Customer Feedback

Responding to your customer, feedback is vital to managing your online reputation. Good or bad, we recommend responding to ALL of your customers. If the customer is not satisfied with his/her service experience, then contact them as soon as possible to resolve the issue before losing the customer.

  • Click the Respond button to open the dialog box
  • Write a response and save it as a draft or publish it. When you publish it, you can email a copy of your response to your customer 


When you receive a low score rating (1-3-stars), contact the customer to address their concern. If the customer's concern is resolved, ask the customer to complete a follow-up survey/review. After responding, click the "ReScore" button. Hyundai Customer Reviews will automatically email your customer a follow-up request to ReScore™ his or her original rating.

  • Original 2-star rating improved to 5-stars following a ReScore™
  • Note that the ReScore™ rating replaces the original 2-star rating
  • Dealer must respond to the original rating before requesting a ReScore™ 

Dealer Benchmarks

Benchmarks allow you to easily compare your dealer's Hyundai Customer Reviews performance to National, Regional, and District levels. Key performance indicators (KPIs) include Rating, Recommend (% Yes), Responses, Response Time (Days), and ReScore Requests.

  • Select the Benchmarks tab in the Reports menu item to view benchmarks
  • Use filters to customize search options
  • Compare dealer performance against District, Region, and National averages 


Hyundai Customer Reviews Site plugins allow you to feature your best reviews on your dealership website. Adding badges or widget links is the easiest way to guide your website visitors to read verified customer reviews and market your great online reputation.

  • Select the "Plugins" tab in the Settings menu item
  • Copy and paste the code snippet into your dealership website. Work with website vendor or Internet Manager on placement and integration 

  • Configure your plugins to show reviews from the review sites your choose 


Staff report allows you to view dealer personnel performance based on program key performance indicators. Filter options allow dealers to toggle between Service Advisors and Technicians and any date range.

  • Select "staff" and then "reviews" (at the top of the page) to access and view the service advisor/technician staff report
  • HMA ID and last name differentiates dealer personnel 
  • This view includes customer rating, % (Yes) recommend, total count, five-star rating count, and total low score count


Invite additional dealer personnel to use your dealer's SureCritic account. Setting up users as Administrators will enable them to write and publish review responses. Non-Administrators can only draft responses but not publish them.

  • Select the "Users" tab in the "Settings" menu item
  • Click "Invite User" to send an email invitation to a new user 


Set up real-time email and web notifications to be alerted on new feedback, low scores, or feedback that has yet received a dealer response. 

  • In the top right-hand corner of the sidebar, click the circle with your initials in it and select "Notification Settings" to set up and receive Email, SMS, and Push alerts 


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