Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are a collection of frequently asked questions from the Sales program commencing in July of 2020 

Question: How long from the RDR date will it take for the survey to be deployed?

Answer:  RDRs will have the same 7 day aging period through HAEA before being deployed

Question: Will there be an option within this platform to update/edit the email address for a resend feature? 

Answer:  Not at this time. There is a feature to allow reminders to be sent manually with a click from the email status report.  

Question: Who is the best person to contact about Login issues?  

Answer:  Send an email to

Question:  Will rescores be the average of the two scores submitted by the customer, or will the rescore replace the original score?

Answer:  ReScores replace the original score 

Question:  Will there be a low score alert? 

Answer: All users signed up will receive low score notifications on reviews and private reviews. User settings can also be updated by going to Notification Settings

Question: How many days does the customer have to complete the survey?

Answer: 30 days

Question: How does this incorporate remote sales and delivery?

Answer: Remote sales and delivery are denoted on the RDR.  The survey is designed to work for all customers regardless of the method of delivery. 

Question: Will the reputation tab separate sales from service on social media platforms

Answer: Not at this time, but this is an evolving space and we see trends that may allow for easier separation in the near future. 

Question: How long after a survey is completed is a dealer allowed to submit a rescore?

Answer: Immediately. The only requirement is to publish a response in advance of hitting the ReScore request button.

Question: Will the survey period continue to cut off on the 26th of the month or will it be aligned with the sales calendar?

Answer: No. This process will follow service where there are 14 days after the end of every month to close out rescores.  

Question: Can I get a copy of this latest training presentation?

Answer: Yes - Download Presentation PDF

Question: Can I watch the presentation as it was recorded?


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