RDR Eligibility and Exceptions

Below are the RDR survey eligibility and exclusion rules. These cover who is eligible to receive an RDR survey and who is not able to receive one.

RDR Eligibility

  • Survey Eligibility Rule -  Retail customers are eligible to receive a survey, which is sent to the customer listed on the sales contract or in the master database as collected through sources such as MyHyundai. No Fleet sales will receive a survey.
  • Buy/Sell Dealership History Rule - National and regional mgmt will determine whether dealerships who acquire an existing dealer point will inherit the surveys and scores from previous ownership or start fresh. This determination is based, in part, on whether the GM was retained as well as 2 of the 3 CX (Customer Experience) facing management roles were retained (SV, SM, or PM).
  • Aging Rule - VINS are aged seven (7) business days from the RDR date. Day 0 is the RDR date (example - if RDR date = January 1, 2020, a survey held January 1-10, and sent for deployment on the next business day on January 13, 2020). Note, January 4-5 and 11-12 are non-business days. This rule provides dealerships time to make adjustments to the RDR before the survey invitation gets deployed. No changes can be made after a survey gets sent.
  • Survey invite Rule - Survey invites are sent Monday through Friday.
  • Email Interference Rule - The use of any email address not directly provided by the customer listed on the sales contract may be considered survey interference and impact incentive program qualifiers (refer to incentive program guidelines).  
  • Dealership Employee Survey Rule -Dealership employees are Not Eligible to complete surveys. Employee deliveries must be reported as "HOUSEDEAL" or "Z" type to prevent the survey from being generated.
  • Survey Broker or Agent Rule - Only the customer is eligible to receive and complete a survey. No broker, agent, or referral may complete a customer survey. 
  • Completing Survey at Dealership Rule - Dealerships must not allow employees to invite or facilitate customers to return to the dealership to complete a survey. No dealership or employee device should be used by the customer to complete feedback as this is survey interference.
  • Survey Reminder Rule - If a customer has not submitted their survey by the third day of receiving the first survey invitation, one reminder email is sent on the fourth day to the customer asking them to complete the survey.
  • Survey Invite Expiration Date Rule - Survey submissions must occur within 30 days of the first survey invite. Customers may leave the survey and return to complete later utilizing the same invite link as long as the feedback gets completed within 30 days of the first survey invite.

RDR Exclusion Rules

RDRs Excluded by HAEA if:

  • The dealer must be a Retail Dealer (DMTYPC = 'RD').
  • RDR has not canceled (SRCANF <> 'Y').
  • Exclude Sales Types: 
    • "D" - Dealer Fleet
    • "P" - CPO
    • "Y" - Fleet
    • "T" - FInal Pay units
    • "Z" - Dealership Employee Purchase Plan
    • "S" - SRC status for CPO
    • "W" - Service Campaign
    • "Q" for EV Subscriptions
    • "G" - Government
  • Exclude if Salesperson or Sales Manager is blank on the RDR (resulting in a HOUSEDEAL).
  • Exclude regional commercial sales (SRREGN <> 'CS').
  • Exclude if odometer mileage is higher than 1000.
  • Exclude legal owner = Businesses (C).
  • Owner DNC flag = 'Y' (AS400 table CEDNCP).
  • Demo Vehicle (VIVMFP-vehicle master where VMDEMO = 'D').
  • Exclude all NEXO Fuel Cell transactions.

RDRs Excluded by the vendor if:

  • Customer has previously opted-out of HMA communications. 
  • Duplicate RDR records with matching VIN and email address combination.

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