HSR & HCR Appeals Process Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a collection of frequently asked questions about appeals from the Sales and Service Programs.

1. Q: How do I submit an appeal?

A: Follow the steps below:

1. Open the relevant appeal

2. Click the ellipses in the lower left-hand corner of the survey audit screen

3. Select "Appeal"

4. Select the relevant appeal reason

5. Submit the appeal

2. Q: Which surveys and reviews qualify for an appeal?

A: There are 9 total appeal options. All of them can be used to appeal a public review, and 4 of them apply to private survey feedback.

Private Survey Option: Consumer Affairs Buyback Case Only, Obvious Rating Error, Previous or Non-Owner Surveyed, Exclusive Non-Sales/Non-Service Department Experience.

Public Review Option: (Advertising, Spam, URLS), Private Information or Wrong Email/Phone, Profanity, Accusation of Criminal Activity, Never a Customer.

3. Q: How long after the survey or review can an appeal be submitted?

A: The appeal button is removed 10 days after the survey or review completion.

4. Q: What happens after an appeal is submitted?

A: Upon submitting an appeal, the SureCritic support team will review feedback and make a decision within 5 business days based on the appeal option and survey or review feedback.

5. Q: Can emails or texts from customers be sent to SureCritic to support an appeal request?

A: No. SureCritic reviews and judges appeals based solely on what is included in the private survey feedback or in the public review.

6. Q: What are the possible outcomes of an appeal?

A: There are two possible outcomes when a dealer submits an appeal.

1) The survey or review violates SureCritic review policy or HMA guidelines, is marked as spam and removed from the dealer's stats, and suppressed from the dealer's Business Review Page.

2) The survey or review does not violate SureCritic review policy or HMA guidelines, and the appeal is denied.

7. Q: Will appeals be reviewed for all appeal options?

A: No. Appeals will only be reviewed based on the selected appeal option.

8. Q: How can a user tell the difference between a private and public review?

A: A padlock icon in the survey audit screen indicates a private survey.

9. Q: What is the difference between an Obvious Rating Error and a Previous or Non-Owner?

A: An obvious rating error is a one-star overall rating in which the survey comments and category ratings are overwhelmingly positive. Previous or Non-Owners are surveys and/or reviews taken by someone who is not a Hyundai customer. Comments will often indicate that they do not own a Hyundai vehicle and do not want to receive any more surveys.

10. Q: How is an appeal for a body shop RO or canceled RDR submitted?

A: Appeals for these scenarios are submitted through appeals@surecritic.com and must include a screenshot of the body shop RO or proof of RDR cancellation. The body of the email must also include the VIN, customer name, dealer code, and dealer name in order to be reviewed.

11. Q: What is the difference between a public review and a private survey?

A: A private survey is customer feedback contained within the HCR or HSR survey. These customers did not leave a review in the public domain. Public reviews are customers who go on to leave a public-facing review after completing an HCR or HSR survey.

12. Q: What counts as an Obvious Rating Error?

A: The overall rating is 1 star. Customer comments are overwhelmingly positive and may explicitly call out a 5-star rating. All Sales/Service categories are rated 'Exceptional' with a perfect or near-perfect NPS score.

13. Q: Why is profanity denied in a survey appeal?

A: Surveys with profanity are only removed when appealed on a public review; due to the surveys being private, they are allowed and will count. For more information, refer to the Consumer Reviews Fairness Act.

14. Q: Why is a consumer affair buyback appeal getting denied?

A: If an appeal does not include the buy-back number, the appeal will be denied. Please provide the buy-back number on all further submissions.

15. Q: Will householding cases be considered for removal?

A: No, Householding cases will not be considered for removal. Any customer (who was not at the store during the time of purchase or service) who leaves a review on behalf of their spouse, child, parent, other family members, friend, or agent of the owner would fall under this ruling.

16. Q: What appeals can be sent to "appeals@surecritic.com"?

A: The appeals email should only be used for Body Shop ROs and canceled RDRs/Unwinds.

17. Q: Where is there more information on the appeals process?

A: Learn more about the appeals process here.

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