ReScore Process

The following is the reference guide for the ReScore Process. It goes over how to send a ReScore.

Locating Reviews

Click on Reviews located within the left-side navigation menu of the dashboard.
  1. Click on the hamburger icon to expand or collapse the navigation menu.
  2. Click on Reviews.

Responding to Reviews

Reviews can be filtered by status, responses, rating, reviewer, review date, and order #.

Click on this icon (above) to respond to a review or click anywhere within the feedback field (in blue shown in the photo below the icon indications).

This icon (above) indicated the feedback is SureCritic verified - confirms feedback is matched with Repair Order completion.

Responding to Reviews & ReScore

Click on the Respond button to respond to guest reviews.
  • The ReScore button will not be available until the dealer has responded to customer feedback.
  • The Respond and ReScore buttons are only available 30 days from the survey completion date; however, the goal should be to respond to a customer within three (3) days.

Requesting a ReScore

All customer concerns should be resolved before sending a ReScore. 

The ReScore button automatically sends a ReScore request to the customer via email. 

ReScore Example

Example of the customer feedback event sent via email. 

How the ReScore is Derived

The ReScore rating replaces the original low score rating.
  • ReScore Review™ replaces the original low score, and the ReScore Review™ is calculated into the dealer's overall rating.
  • For example, if the original review is 1-star and the ReScore is 5-star. The 5-star rating is calculated into the dealer's overall rating.

SureCritic Support

Feedback is encouraged and should be sent to the SureCritic support team.

Support is available Monday thru Friday, 6:30 am - 4:30 pm PST.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (855) 307-8706
  • Support can also be reached from the SureCritic dashboard.

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