Concern Resolution Process Overview

The following is an overview of the concern resolution process.

Owner Feedback Concern Resolution

The concern resolution feature allows Dealers the opportunity to resolve a customer's concern privately and outside of the public domain. 
  • Increase Owner Satisfaction and Retention. 
    • Once the issue is fully resolved, Retailers can send a ReScore for the guest to complete.
  • Increase Overall Star Rating with ReScore
    • A ReScore rating replaces the original rating. For example, a 1-star rating is replaced by a 5-star ReScore rating and is calculated into the dealer's overall rating.
    • All low scores are ReScore eligible and can only be ReScored after a dealer responds to the original review.
    • On average, dealers that ReScore gain a 73% lift from their original score.

Low Score Reviews

It is important to respond and resolve any customer concerns as quickly as possible to increase the dealer's overall rating score.
  • A rating of 1, 2, or 3 stars is considered a low score review.
  • Nationally, on average, low scores make up approximately 17 % of all reviews.
  • Any low score review is eligible for a ReScore Review, which helps increase the dealer's overall rating score.

The ReScore Process

Achieve a 100% concern resolution rate
  1. Resolve your customer's concern(s). Respond to the low score review.
  2. Request a ReScore. Click the ReScore button. Ensure all concerns are resolved before submitting a ReScore request!
  3. If a customer's concern has been resolved to their satisfaction, a ReScore rating will help increase your dealer's overall star rating score.

Did You Resolve the Issue?

Concern resolution rate is a program metric designed to show how well you have resolved a customer's concern. Metrics can be found in the Benchmarks Report within the SureCritic dashboard.

Concern Resolution Rate Calculation: (Total # of 4 or 5 star ReScore Reviews)/(Total # of Low Scores) 

SureCritic Support

Feedback is encouraged and should be sent to the SureCritic support team.

Support is available Monday thru Friday, 6:30 am - 4:30 pm PST.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (855) 307-8706
  • Support can also be reached from the SureCritic dashboard.

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