Employee Profile Best Practices

Build trust and grow faster connections with prospective customers with these simple to set-up profiles.

SureCritic's new Employee Profiles are individual web profiles linked to your dealership's listing.

Now you can easily feature your unique star rating, verified reviews from your customers, plus a photo, your title, a short bio, and a contact form.

Build Your Profile

  1. Add your Name and TItle
  2. Upload a professional photo
    1. Choose a photo that features you prominently; a simple background and good lighting goes a long way.
  3. Add a Headline and Bio
    1. Write a thoughtful bio about your experience and why you enjoy your job. Give customers the opportunity to know you before they meet you in person. Spotlight the services you offer, such as relevant skills or your latest certifications.
  4. Add Contact Information
    1. Each page includes a captcha-protected contact form, so customers can still reach out to your safely, but you don't need to publicly share your private info.

Share Your Page

Email Signature

Your profiles URL is a great addition to hyperlink in your email signatures.

Business Cards

Use a QR code to share the link on your business cards or any printed material.

Social Media Profiles

Link your profile to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Your Dealership's Website

Use a plugin to add the profiles into your Dealership's employee page on the website to show the profiles and allow customers to get to know all the dealership staff.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is an extremely effective way to find new clients. These profiles automatically help your name rank higher in local searches, so remind people to google your name + Hyundai if they want to read your reviews.

For more information on Employee Profiles, email hyundai@surecritic.com.

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