Add and Remove Users on your Account

Adding and removing users allows you to have control over who has access to your dealership's SureCritic account. Add users when a colleague needs access to SureCritic. Remove users when somebody no longer needs access.

Adding Users

  1. In the blue side menu, go to Settings>Users. 
  2. Enter the name and email address of the user you want to add in the "Invite User" tab. 
    1. The "Admin" option, if selected, will give users administrative access. Being an admin means they can publish responses to surveys and reviews, view reports, and edit business settings. 
  3. Within five (5) minutes, that person will receive an email to set up their account.

Removing Users

  1. In the blue side menu, go to Settings>Users

  2. Find the user who you want to remove in the list of users and click the trash can icon to remove them. 

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