Set up Alerts and Notifications

SureCritic has real-time notifications for just about everything that happens on the platform.  In setting up your account, you will have some default notifications set up for low score reviews.  You may want to change how those emails are sent to you. It's a good idea to visit the notification settings from time to time.  


1.  Click the Bell icon, which will expand the notifications menu, then click Settings. 

2.  Once Settings is selected, you will see the Notification Settings screen. 

3.  From here, you can configure notifications for just about anything in the system (If you don't see one, please tell us) 

4.  To set up mobile app push notifications, you will need to download the SureCritic for Business mobile app for Android and iOS.

5. To set up SMS notifications to notify you via text message, you will need to download the SureCritic for Business Mobile app and input your mobile number into your profile.  You will then see the option of SMS and Push notifications in each section

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