Respond to Reviews

Writing responses to all reviews builds goodwill and is the easiest way to develop a relationship with the customer. If it's a positive review, you want to thank them for their time to write the review and let them know you care. If it's of a negative tone, don't take it personally and don't react too quickly. Follow the six (6) quick tips below to help guide you through responding to reviews.

Six (6) Quick Tips for Responding to Reviews

  1. Add a salutation. Please treat this as a formal email, add the reviewer's first name only, and not use their last name.
  2. Thank them. Thank the customer for any additional details they took the time to write about, good or bad. Show them you appreciate their feedback.
  3. Explain the situation. Let the customer know what was going on that day; i.e., you were short-staffed, have to follow a specific process, etc.. Give the customer insight as to what happened helps them better understand the situation.
  4. Reassure them. Tell the customer how you will prevent their concern the next time.
  5. Provide escalation and credibility. Tell the customer they can contact you whenever there is a problem or concern in the future.
  6. Give contact info. Add your name, title, and email at a minimum or update your signature in your profile and have it added automatically. Providing contact info lets the customer know how they can get in contact with you in the future.

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