Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The following is a collection of frequently asked questions from the Sales and Service programs.

1.  Question: Can a ReScore be resent to a customer?

Answer: Yes. One (1) additional ReScore can be sent to each customer.

2.  Question: Can a survey be resent to a customer

Answer: Yes. Any admin user can resend an original survey with the e-mail status report by clicking "send reminder".

3.  Question: How can users be added from SureCritic?

Answer: Follow the below steps

1. In the blue side menu, go to Settings>Users.

2. Enter the name and email address of the user you want to invite in the "Invite User" tab.

    a. The "Admin" option, if selected, will give users administrative access. Being an admin means they can publish responses to surveys and reviews, view reports, and edit business settings.

3. Within five (5) minutes, that person will receive an email to set up their account.

4.  Question: How can users be removed from SureCritic?

Answer: Follow the below steps

1. In the blue side menu, go to Settings>Users.

2. Find the user who you want to remove in the list of users and click the trash can icon to remove them.

5.  Question: How to check the status of a pending customer survey?

Answer: In the Navigation bar, select Reports>Email Status; then filter by "Pending Complete".

6.  Question: What is the qualification criteria to earn a Mulligan?

Answer: A dealer must have a minimum of 60% ReScore Request Rate and 50% Concern Resolution Rate for the prior 3 months. Reference the Mulligan Program Guide for more details.

7.  Question: How can you print or export a report from the SureCritic dashboard?

Answer: Select the desired dashboard or report to be printed; locate the "paper" icon in the top right corner of the page and click to access page actions; select "Print", "Export", or "Export all".

8.  Question: How is an appeal submitted for review?

Answer: Follow the steps below:

1. Open the relevant review

2. Click the ellipses (...) in the lower left-hand corner of the survey audit screen

3. Select "Appeal"

4. Select the relevant appeal reason

5. Submit the appeal

9.  Question: How is a star rating calculated?

Answer: Star rating = total number of stars/total number of surveys*

*not to include surveys that have been spammed

*the star rating in the ReScored survey replaces the original rating

10.  Question: Is it possible to send a customer survey to a different e-mail address than on file?

Answer: HMA has found value in utilizing the email addresses provided on the RDRs and ROs along with email addresses provided by our valued customers through sources such as in order to get their valuable feedback. Dealers cannot alter emails or request email changes; the determination to supplement an email address will be made solely by HMA management.

11.  Question: How can a suspended user be reactivated?

Answer: If the suspended user logs into with the previous login information, the suspension will be removed.

12.  Question: How can a Star Rating mistake made by a customer be resolved?

Answer: Dealers can send the customer a ReScore email where the customer is able to select the correct Star rating.

13.  Question: Will there be an option within this platform to update/edit the email address for a resend feature?

Answer: Not at this time. There is a feature to allow reminders to be sent manually with a click from the email status report.

14.  Question: Who is the best person to contact about Login issues?

Answer: Send an email to

15. Question: Will ReScores be the average of the two scores submitted by the customer, or will the ReScore replace the original score?

Answer: ReScores replace the original score.

16.  Question: Will there be a low score alert?

Answer: All users signed up will receive low score notifications on reviews and private reviews. User settings can also be updated by going to Notification Settings.

17.  Question: How many days does the customer have to complete the survey?

Answer: 30 days.

18.  Question: How long after a survey is completed is a dealer allowed to submit a ReScore?

Answer: Immediately. The only requirement is to publish a response in advance of hitting the ReScore request button.

19.  Question: How long does a customer have to fill out a ReScore?

Answer: 60 days.

20.  Question: Why can a user only save their response as a draft?

Answer: Admins are the only users with the ability to post responses. If the user was invited as a non-admin, responses would only be saved as drafts.

21. Question: Why are spam reviews still showing in the dashboard?

Answer: Although the review has been removed and will not affect the score. The review is still considered feedback and will continue to show within the dashboard; reviews will never be permanently removed. Spammed reviews will not show up in any of the dealer's KPIs.

22. Question: How do I change my Schedule Appointment link?

Answer: This data comes directly from Hyundai daily via an API.

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